12 Sivan 5770 – Nasso

How do we inject new feeling into the daily, and sometimes repetitive, actions of life?

The Torah portion of this week, Naso, contains over three columns of repetition when it comes to relating the details behind the offerings brought by each of the tribes. Each offering was identical, yet the Torah takes the space to write out the exact same offering in detail, all twelve times!

Perhaps the Torah is demonstrating that while the physical offering may have been the same, the emotion that accompanied each offering was different. Each tribe was comprised of different people with different interests and objectives. It was the combination of those feelings and intentions that accompanied each offering that made them ‘unique’ or ‘original’ in G-d’s eyes.

How true of life. Our days are made up of many repetitive tasks and routines. Yet if we can bring new emotion, or meaning into each experience, we will be enthused with new vitality and find an extra bounce in each step we take. We can do this by setting ourselves new goals, or asking ourselves why – and for whom – we are really doing each task. Once we discover the why of life, the how will become all the more meaningful and purposeful.

Wishing you and your families Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Yossi and Chana Raizel Friedman