In honor of

Donations to Maroubra Synagogue are tax deducible. Donate to the shul in honour of being called to the Torah, to celebrate a simcha or an anniversary or in remembrance of someone. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

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Regular Giving

Have you considered the mitzvah of regular giving? A donation of as little as $30 / month will make a huge difference to being able to support all the services the community has and wants to offer.

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Have you considered sponsoring a Kiddish? For $350 you can sponsor a regular weekly kiddish or for $750 you can cover the costs of catering for the community.

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Consider leaving a bequest to Maroubra Synagogue so you are helping your community, beyond your lifetime, strengthening the of our chain for current and future generations.

New Courtyard

Download information about our new courtyard area and how you can contribute to this beautiful area from the pavers to the wall mounted feature panels.

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