Our Community


Maroubra Synagogue takes orthodox Jewish teachings and traditions, inviting them into a vibrant environment, showing how they remain relevant and enhance how we support one another in a true community. We share a love of Judaism and support for Israel. Our community caters for all ages, which special youth services and regular learning opportunities for adults a feature. We welcome visitors, regular and occasional participants and new members.
If you would like to inquire about joining our Modern Orthodox Jewish community, please phone the office on 9344 6095 or complete the contact form

Message from the Rabbi

"Maroubra Shule has a special type of warmth and friendliness that really defines the unique type of community we are. It is a great honour and privilege to serve this wonderful and growing community.

It is a deep passion of mine to share the joy and beauty of Judaism with others. In this role there will be countless opportunities to do just that!

We are here for you. We would love to meet up and chat, have a coffee etc. A community is made up of individuals, every Jew is a diamond and is precious. We feel privileged and honoured to be able to support and serve Hashem’s beloved people."

Our History

Maroubra Synagogue was established as the Kingsford Maroubra Hebrew Congregation; built more than 70 years ago by Holocaust survivors as an act of faith, belief and defiance. These qualities, instilled by the founding families, continue to set the tone of a community that is aware of its past and at the same time embracing of its future.

We have established a reference library for members to access, to read about the history of the community, not just locally but as a whole for the Jewish people. The congregation has grown over the years and the buildings accordingly have undergone several upgrades. In 2015 the hall, front courtyard, kitchen and bathroom facilities were rebuilt. The administration area was also renovated.  In 2022 we completed a renovation of the rear courtyard and entry, creating some beautiful spaces for the community to use. 

Maroubra Synagogue is also linked to Mount Sinai College through the work of Rabbi Zalman Goldstein at the school and the young families who attend services. The two organisations also combine to provide young children through to the teenagers and opportunity to come together for Jewish learning and fun, also with the support of Bnei Akiva. 

The community offers a new function facility with a commercial kitchen attached, along with other modern facilities.
Located in Sydney’s south east, we have just erected a new eruv that is connected to the established one in the east.
We are a registered not-for-profit. Donations are tax deductible.
The shul at its heart is a vibrant, relevant community.
We hope to welcome you soon.


A community which is proud, in touch and knowledgeable of orthodox Judaism, supportive of Israel and caring of each other.


Engaging the Jewish community through welcoming, caring and inspiring services, educational opportunities and events.


Orthodox Judaism, Community, Love of Israel, Education, Communication, Welcoming Environment.

Wedding course

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Bar Mitzvah program

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Bat Mitzvah program

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Tommy Sterling


Tommy and his family joined the synagogue in 2009. He joined the Board of Management in 2011...

Anthony Perl

Senior Vice President

Anthony grew up in Maroubra and joined the Board in 2014. Anthony is married to Miriam,...

Justin Chorn


Having grown up in South Africa and then spent 13 years in London, Justin relocated to Sydney in 2015.

Evan Koseff

Immediate Past President

Evan has been a member of the shul since 2008 and joined the Board of Management in 2009...

Hila Galapo


Hila grew up in Israel in a traditional/Meserati home. Hila immigrated to Australia with her Husband in 2004 ...

Daniel Isserow


I migrated to Australia from South Africa in 1995 at the age of 13 and originally resided...

Anna Beck

Non-Executive Director

Anna immigrated to Australia from Moscow as a child in 1992. Drawn by the welcoming atmosphere ...

Daryl Robinson


Daryl has been a member of the Shul since 2006 when he moved into the area and joined the Board of Management in 2008.

Esther Di Veroli

Non-Executive Director

Esther Di Veroli is married to Alex and they have two sons, Michael and Robbie both of whom attended Mount ...

Dean Newman

Non-Executive Director

Dean is a father of 5 boys, 18-year-old twins, a 16-year-old, a 14-year-old, and a 12-year-old.


Rabbi Zalman Goldstein


Rabbi Zalman Goldstein, was born and raised in San Diego California. He went on to study in the Yeshivot in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, and Israel.

Eva Grosin


Although I grew up on the North Shore, , my parents were members of Newtown Synagogue, where my father was a Board member for many years.

Donna Lees


I believe in Jewish values and was brought up by Holocaust survivor parents who had 8 older siblings & eventually 27 grandchildren.

Youth Leaders

Maroubra Synagogue offers a wide range of Children’s programmes, catering for all age groups. 

Regular program run every Shabbat, starting at 10.45am. They are run by a group of dedicated volunteers. We incorporate tefillah, games, stories and activities relating to the Chag or Parsha of the week into our service.
* Tots Program for 1-5 year olds* Torah Club for 5-7 year olds* Boys Mentoring Program for 8-12 year old boys* Teen Scene for all teenagersWe also welcome Bnei Akiva to our community once a month. The Bnei Akiva madrichim run a host of different tochniyot for all age groups, including a very popular Teen Lunch!

If you would like further information regarding youth services, or would like to volunteer your services, please contact the Shul office for more information.