About the Area

Jewish life in Sydney

Maroubra Synagogue is located in an affordable and safe residential neighbourhood in close proximity to multiple parks, shopping centres and a beautiful beach. The Synagogue is approximately ten kilometres from Sydney’s Central Business District.

Supermarkets in Maroubra and surrounds stock kosher products, including fresh meat, poultry and baked goods. We currently have a small Eruv in the area, encompassing an area approximately 1 kilometre radius from our synagogue.

The Sydney Jewish community itself offers five Jewish day schools that have state-of-the art campuses, Mikvaot, Kosher Restaurants and supermarket, Jewish bookstore, Jewish Nursing homes and a Jewish Hospital. There are many Jewish support organisations and a vibrant community that is extremely welcoming.

Maroubra has long been an attractive place for families to settle, it is why the synagogue was first established here by holocaust survivors.

We invite you to make contact with us and we would be happy to talk to you about the local area, the people and facilities.