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My Vision

Maroubra Shul is not just a place of prayer. It is a communal centre that offers something meaningful and engaging for those of all ages


Thank G-d I have been blessed to marry my dear wife, Chana Raizel and we have three children, Penina Leah, Dovi and Yehuda Isaac.

My Thoughts

Each week I share some insight from our heritage, and observations of how it relates to what is happening in our community, in Israel or around the world. You can view them here.

My Events

Aside from regular services and large communal events, I arrange a number of smaller learning opportunities, catering for different levels of knowledge and understanding.

Become a member:

Maroubra Synagogue is a modern orthodox synagogue and welcomes new members. Membership includes access to all synagogue services, Rabbinical services four counselling through to simchas, sickness and bereavements. We operate two services for the high holy days.

There is a number of options available to become a member. We cater for students through to seniors with individual and family options.

If you would like information about becoming a member of Maroubra Synagogue, please complete a contact form here or contact the office on 9344 6095.

As a Rabbi there are some things I get asked regularly, from how to be Kosher, to what do I do to prepare for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah to other questions about morality and issues of social interest. I also get asked for recommendations to various other services, ranging from Kosher caterers to support services. You can view my top tips and picks here, or send me a question to answer.

Guidance and Education through Lifecycle Events

I consider it as imperative to offer guidance and support, not only during times of celebration and joy but also during times of sadness and distress. We offer a number of educational programs to prepare those going through the various life cycle changes and provide ongoing care and assistance.

Pastoral Care (School + Air Force + Other)

In my role as Synagogue and College Rabbi as well as Military Chaplain (RAAF), I regularly make contact with and reach out to those who may be in need of spiritual or pastoral support. I visit the sick and elderly and also provide guidance or a ‘listening ear’ on a range of matters, from spiritual queries about faith and study to practical issues such as relationships and counseling.


Maroubra Shul is not just a place of prayer. It is a communal centre that offers something meaningful and engaging for those of all ages and observance levels. Inside of our walls people gather to celebrate and to mourn. We come together to learn and to know, to live and to grow. I see our Shul as that hub of Jewish life – that home – where every Jewish person can enter and feel welcomed and connected to their people and its history.