Parsha: Ha’azinu (2023)

What a beautiful Rosh Hashana we had !

It was so moving to see everyone at shule, and I look forward to seeing everyone throughout this holiday season.

We are in a special time now. The time between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, when we are still in the glow of the Rosh Hashana experience and about to enter into that special zone of Yom Kippur.

Rabbi Nachman Breslov once analysed the difference between talking and singing.

When we talk and someone else talks at the same time, we call it a disturbance.

However if I sing and someone else sings at the same time, not only does it not disturb, but it enhances the music. That’s why we call it harmony.

Some of us live our lives “talking” and we feel that others are in our way, disturbing our lives.

But then we can choose to “sing” our way through life. When we do that, we not only not see others as a disturbance, but on the contrary, we see everyone as another enhancing piece in the music and harmony of life.

There is only one parsha in the torah that is almost entirely a song and it’s this weeks parsha, parshat Haazinu.

It is very befitting that we have a song this week because the idea of song links up with the idea of unity.

This is something to reflect on, during this time of year. During the Yamim Noraim (High Hollidays) we spend a lot of time praying and signing. It is the power of song and unity that brings the blessings that we are all requesting for the coming year. As we say in the concluding blessing of the “Amida” , ברכנו אבינו כלנו כאחד – “Our (heavenly) Father bless us for we are one.”

Wishing you well over the fast, and a Gmar chatima Tova!4