Parsha: Korach (2024)


There is a Chassidic expression that explains the reason why we have two eyes. If our eyes were given to us to see, why the need for two?

The answer is, that each eye represents two different viewpoints we need to “see” in life.

One eye was given to us to remind us to “see” the great privileges we have in life. This includes seeing and appreciating our talents and G-d given gifts.

The second eye is there, to remind us to also have humility, recognise and to “see” our place in this world. In the words of our sages in Pirkei Avot “מכיר את מקומו”

Although we have talents and a lot to share, we have to remember to “stay in our lane,” and to play the role that will be helpful for the greater cause and not just focus on what make us feel good. Thus, the second eye reminds us to “see” ourselves from an honest and humble perspective.

In this week’s Parsha we read the Story of Korach, where we find this theme as well. Korach stages a rebellion against Moshe, accusing him of a power grab. Korach led this rebellion also as a result of taking offence that he wasn’t appointed to a position of leadership, namely not being appointed as the Nosi (prince) of his tribe.

There is an interesting expression in the Talmud about Korach. It describes his mistake by saying “עינו התעטו – His eye deceived him”. 

The wording here is precise, it doesn’t say his eyes, rather it says his “eye”, only one eye.

The message here is that he was using only one eye and not both eyes. One eye alone allows himself to only see his power. The second eye would have reminded him to see things from a humbler perspective. To reflect and think where best to invest his talents and abilities.

This also connects to the other point Korach missed. The need for a leader and mentor. The humility that bring us to turn to a leader or mentor for honest advice would have spared korach from his error.

Pirkei Avot tell us to “appoint a mentor for yourself.”

This important reminder allows us to be guided by others objectively. We all have blind spots, and we need to to be able to allow others to point them out.
Using both eyes and a good mentor can go along way in fullfing our mission in life.