Parsha: Mikeitz (2023)

After a beautiful and joyous Chanukah we reach the end of the school year and when people will be going on holidays.
This weeks’ parsha is called “mikeitz” which comes from the Hebrew word for “End”. 
Perhaps we can find some wisdom in how to end a year and begin a new one 
The parsha lays out the story of Joseph becoming the viceroy of Egypt.
In the lead up to his appointment, Pharaoh says to Joseph “ There is no one as wise as you in the world!” 
Interesting… what did Joseph say that was so fantastic that the leader of the world (Pharaoh) would attribute such wisdom to Joseph? And how is that wisdom relevant to us and how does it help us ?
Joseph suggested to Pharaoh to take advantage of the years of plenty. In order to be prepared for the years of famine. 
Joseph set up a system to stock up during the years of plenty.
He didn’t just let the years of plenty go by. He took action, and was preparing.
There is an important life message here, when things are going well, we must stock up. We must stock up on emotional stamina, resilience and confidence.
This will help us, when we go through a more difficulty time (like the famine years.)
This is part of the wisdom that Yosef gave to Pharaoh and to the world.
When G-d graces us with moments of success and “years of plenty” let’s take the time to reflect, on how we can best take advantage of the current “good times” to be prepared for a moment of challenge. 
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Zalman and Esty