Parsha: Naso (2024)

This past week we held a memorial service in honour for Arnon Zamora z”l, who made the ultimate sacrifice in
the rescue mission that saved and rescued four hostages. 

We held this service with Aronon’s cousin present. It was very moving to see so many people come together on
such short notice. 

In Shule it felt like one big family coming together to pray, support and find comfort.

Even before this incredible heroic rescue mission, Arnon saved countless lives on October 7. He and a limited
group of soldiers saved an entire Moshav, Yad Mordechai. After which they then continued to other areas and
kibbutzim to continue protecting his people.

I received a beautiful message from Arnons family which mentioned, that in addition to Arnon being a high
ranking soldier and great hero who saved many lives, he was also an outstanding Dad and Husband. 

There is a very important lesson here. Even when we are very successful in the outside world, we can still be
successful and outstanding at home.

This weeks Parsha, Naso, begins with the tasks of the different Levi families with regards to the Mishkan

These included very important tasks such as carrying the most holiest and precious items of the Mishkan,
including the Holy Ark and Menorah.

There is one word that keeps on being used when talking about these tasks. The word משפחה, family.

While it is very glamorous to have the honour to carry the holiest items of the Jewish people, we must always try
to excel in our homes and families as well. 

All too often there are people who may excel on the outside but neglect what’s happening inside the home.
The Parsha teaches us to shine from within and from without. 

Let’s learn from Arnon. You can be a National hero but also a loving Dad and husband who is present with their
children provide the support and care they need. 

Shabbat Shalom