Parsha: Noach (2023)

Last Friday night here in Shule, was remarkable. The feeling of unity, courage and inspiration was palpable. We got together as one family, we spoke, we sang, and showed our love and support for our homeland, Israel. The huge turnout of people was a moment of healing and empowerment.

One friend said to me “Rabbi, this is exactly what we all needed during this difficult and challenging time.” Indeed many others said and felt the same way.

As I think about those moments I’m reminded about G-d’s message to Noah, in this week’s Parsha.

As the flood rages outdoors, G-d tells Noah in this week’s Parsha “Come into the Ark”.

The Ark was a place of refuge and safety from the raging waters of the outside world.

We also have that “Ark” in our life, the place where we can come together, pray and unite as a community while the flood waters of the world may want to drown us.

The Shule is our Ark. Hashem encourages us to “Come to the Ark” be part of the extended Jewish family where will be safe from the flood waters of the world.

Indeed, the command from Hashem wasn’t only that Noah should enter the Ark, but his entire Family as well. The same is with us, we have the opportunity to bring our friends and family as well, to “Come into the Ark”.

Lets make shule attendance part of our routine, especially during these times.

Although the Story of Noach begins with a negative narrative of a corrupt and evil world, it ends on a positive note. The brith of Avraham. We have the same hope and prayer about our current situation, that with Hashem’s help, there will be a positive and happy ending. Good always prevails over evil. AM YISRAEL CHAI!

Shabbat Shalom