Parsha: Re’eh (2023)

It’s that time of year, from next week Friday we will start to blow the shofar, as we begin the month of Elul and prepare for the high holidays.

The Month of Elul is an opportune time for retrospection and self-reflection.

It’s a time for Teshuva. Literally translated as “repentance”, more accurately translated as returning to our true and wholesome self.

The Tzadik R. Meshulam Zusya of Anipoli (1718-1800) said “The word teshuva comprises five (Hebrew) letters, each letter is a path and method in the process of teshuva.”

The first letter is ״ת״ (“Taf”)

It alludes to the verse that begins with the same letter and is the first step to Teshuva.

תמים תהיה עם ה׳ אלוקיך

T: Tamim – “Be sincere with the Eternal your G‑d.”

To live our life with deep conviction and trust.

Many go through life full of doubt and uncertainty fills their existence. “What will be?” What if things don’t work out?”

This first level of “Teshuva” is to let go and allow our trust in Hashem to burst forth.

It Brings us serenity and calmness.

When we do this, we become free, and we allow our spirit to soar with peace of mind.

There was once a wagon driver who invited a passer-by to join him for the ride. “Come on my wagon, so you can rest your tired and weary feet.”

The passenger had a sack that he held onto during the entire journey.

“You can put that heavy bag down, on the floor of my wagon, why are you holding onto it?”

The passenger replied, “it’s enough that your horse and wagon are carrying me, why do you need to carry the burden of my heavy bag as well?”

To this the wagon driver responded with an important message to ponder, “The wagon is carrying you anyway, it will carry your bag as well.”

We all have “baggage” that we grasp onto. Worries, concerns and anxieties. We hold it very tight, and we can perhaps forget that Hashem is leading the wagon. Hashem tells us “Let go of the sack, let go of your worries and anxieties, my wagon is carrying anyway, it will carry all your worries and concerns as well.”

Hashem is holding us by the hand as we go through life.

When we have this trust and calm feeling, it will enhance our physical and spiritual life.

May I be the first to wish, that we all be written and sealed for a happy sweet new year!