Parsha : Simchat Torah (2023)

What a wonderful sukkot we had! And what would sukkot be without some rain.

We now finally reach the final climax of our yomtov season with Simchat Torah

Have you ever seen University professors and its students dancing with the textbooks and academic manuscripts?

It’s quite unique and special that we dance and celebrate with the Torahs with such passion and celebration.

It reminds us how Judaism is supposed to be observed. With excitement and passion.

It’s no wonder that this is the last Yomtov before we wave goodbye, to the Yomtov season.

Before we go into the daily mundane routine, without Yomtov, we are reminded to always keep the passion and joy throughout the rest of the year.

It’s like those departing words from a loving parent before going on a long journey.

The midrash compares this Yomtov to a king who invited his family from overseas to spend a week with him and his officers, in his palace. As the final day of the week approaches the King says “although it’s time for you to go, please stay one more day, and we will spend time together. Just us alone.” He dismisses the officers and spends private moments with his children before they depart.

Let’s utilise these final days of yomtov and bring passion joy and excitement to our community, ourselves and our families.