Parsha: Tetzaveh (2024)

How can we turn around an Antisemite? Is there a secret to get them to stop hating?

Friday marks the day of Purim Katan, (minor Purim). Being that this year is a Jeiwsh leap year, we have two months of Adar. While we Celebrate Purim on the 14th of the second month, we still mark a minor Purim on 14th of the first Month 

The story of Purim has been a source of strength to the Jewish people throughout the ages to be able to gain insight, courage and guidance on how to deal with Antisemitism. 

In fact there is a moment in the Purim story when a powerful ruler turns from being an enemy, to a Jew lover and supporter. 

King Achashveirosh was more than happy to get rid of the Jewish people. When Haman came forward with his plan of annihilating the Jews, Achachvieorsh went with it all the way. He even refused to accept 10,000 silver cubes from Haman. He was happy that Haman would do this job for him. 

And then some how, Queen Esther manages to get this very same King to become the strongest supporter of the Jewish people. The whole evil plot is done away with.

How did Queen Esther do it? What did she say that persuaded the King to have a change of heart?
What did she explain or say that turned him around ?
Was it her eloquent delivery of how the Jewish people deserve to be safe?

In truth all the she said was: “I’m Jewish”. And that was enough. 
King Achashveirosh then realized that he loves the Jewish People. 

“If this what a Jewish person is, then I admire you people.” 

Esther was the ultimate example of what it means to live with Jewish values.


 Values of honesty, integrity, humility, kindness. Being a Mensch. 

This it self had a strong impact on the King, enough to get rid of his hatred. And allow room for love, respect, and support.


We all have the opportunity to be that “Mensch”. In our workplace, neighbourhood, place of study etc.


When people see us behave with these Jewish values, they start to connect the dots. They realise that these values are connected to our Jeiwsh upbringing and identity. 

They start to see us in a different light. The hatred begins to fade. 


So how do you deal with someone who decides to hate and doesn’t want to listen to another perspective ?


Try Queen Esther’s method, it can work much better than any given explanation. 


Shabbat shalom !