Parsha: Tzaria (2024)

“I didn’t mean it…”
“I didn’t intend it that way..”
These are things we say when we are not careful with our words.

The Torah teaches us to be very careful with our speech. It can bring great joy and happiness to people, or can cause great pain and aggravation.

In Temple times one would get Tzaraat (a type of unique leprosy) as a result of speaking Lashon hara ( harmful speech about another).

The consequence didn’t end there. The one struck with Tzaraat also needed to leave the community and be alone.

Quite a strange punishment.

But really it is a time to reflect on the power of speech and what it can cause without being sensitive and careful.
In fact what this person
is experiencing now in their seclusion is what they caused to others.

By speaking ill of a friend we cause discord and friction. Leading to separation and loneliness.

One of the deepest needs of human beings is the need to connect and feel accepted.

This is a powerful way to realise the power of our speech.

This Parsha of Tazria is read as we enter into the month of Nisan the month of Pesach and the month of redemption.

When we are careful and sensitive about our words we can experience inner redemption.

In addition when we are trusted not to speak bad of others, our friends will feel “free” around us and open to be themselves. Which leads to deeper and more meaningful relationships.

We hope and pray that this time of freedom will bring freedom to all the Jewish people in Israel and around the world. Freedom for the hostages and safety and security for our soldiers.

Shabbat shalom