Parsha: Vayeitzei (2023)

It seems to be a trend to find your spouse by a well.

Many of our forefathers and leaders found their soul mate by a well
This story seems to repeat itself over and over.

Why by the well ? What is unique about a well that this becomes the meeting place for marriage and building a family ?

There are 3 ways we can receive water which represent 3 ways going about life:
1. The “rain approach”, G-d will provide everything I need I just need to wait for a miracle and G-d will provide. This is like rain, that comes from heaven. Not much we can do about it besides pray and hope rain will come.

2. The “irrigation approach”: this for the fellow who feels that they got it all figured out. The self made man. They don’t need anyone’s help, very independent and confident in their own efforts. This person doesn’t need G-d’s help. Like irrigation, which is a man made system to bring water to places the rain won’t reach.

3. The “well” approach: this is the balanced approach. On one hand I need to put in my own effort. But at the same time I need G-Ds help and assistance in my efforts. Just like a well over a spring of water. On the one hand you need to dig and put in the effort. But at the same time, you need lots of divine assistance to dig right at the spot of a live spring.

That right there, is the key to success in finding a soul mate, and the key to many other things in life.

The effort and the faith will work in tandem. Each one plays its role.

G-d blesses our efforts.

This takes away the pressure and stress in finding success.

Instead of feeling the mounting pressure that it’s all on my shoulders. We remember, that we just need to put in our best effort and Hashem will give us what we need at the right time. But it also is a call to action. It doesn’t obsolve us from our duty, to put in hard work and to give our unique contribution.

May Hashem bless our continued efforts and of the IDF with success and safety.