Parsha: Vayikra Purim (2024)

What an exciting time of year! We will Celebrate Purim at the close of Shabbat and through Sunday.

The Festival of Purim is one full of joy. Its story and celebration bring us joy for the whole year.
While there are many aspects that bring us joy from the story of Purim I would like to point one out that is hard to miss.

There is something unusual about the story of Purim. Its not like any other biblical story. Its missing that big miracle. There are no ten plagues or splitting of the sea. No bread falling from the sky. It just seems to be ordinary events that all link up together to form the Purim miracle.

And that is precisely what is so special about Purim. It’s the story of our lives. We don’t experience biblical miracles in our day to day lives.
But if we zoom out for a moment we can notice different “oridninary events, that link up with each other, that brought us to where we are today. A hidden miracle. A Purim miracle.
It takes humility and honesty to notice these miracles, but when we notice them, it brings us joy. We realise there is someone out there looking out for us, and guiding us every step of the way.

The Mystics write that one who thinks that Purim is a just an ancient story, that is not about our lives, has missed the whole point of Purim.
Chag Purim Sameach. The whole idea is to see the Purim story in our lives.

Here are the 4 Mitzvot Purim that one should fullfill on Purim

Hear the Megillah the story of Esther, twice over Purim: once at night and once during the day.

Mishloach Manot – Food Packages
On the day of Purim, one should send a food package to at least one friend on Purim, containing at least two food items and/or beverages.

Seudah – A Festive Meal During the course of Purim day we celebrate with a festive Purim meal, to commemorate the miracles

Matanot L’evyonim – Gifts for the Poor
On the day of Purim, one should give charity to at least two needy people.