Detailed Role Description

Maroubra Synagogue Sydney Australia

(Kehillat Yeshurun Sydney, Australia)

The Maroubra Synagogue community

Maroubra Synagogue is a Modern Orthodox, Zionistic congregation located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Our membership comprises approximately 350 families. We provide the warmth and intimacy of a small congregation while offering a level of services and activities usually found in much larger communities. 

Founded in 1948 by survivors of the Holocaust, our congregation is welcoming and inclusive. Our membership is diverse, comprising individuals at all stages of life and spiritual connection. Our synagogue has an active and engaged membership, and a significant proportion of our members are ex-South African.

Although the Maroubra Synagogue community encompasses a wide spectrum of religious practice and outlook, its “centre of gravity” is that of Modern Orthodox Religious Zionist. We have a deep connection to the State of Israel and are closely affiliated with the Bnei Akiva youth organisation. We celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim, complete with the recitation of Hallel with its blessing.

Women are very much involved in our community, and we have adopted practices that maximise the inclusion of women in our communal life, in line with Halacha. Women have the opportunity to kiss the Torah over the mechitsah on Shabbat as it is being returned to the Ark; there is a ladies-only Megillat Esther reading on Purim and women hold and dance with the Torah on Simchat Torah.

Maroubra Synagogue youth play an important leadership role within our congregation. Our vibrant youth are highly engaged in leading our children’s services and youth Shabbat Mussaf services at the synagogue. They also organise and participate in a wide range of communal social and educational events. We have also engaged a young married couple from Israel who will be serving as shlichim in our community for a 2-year period to motivate further, inspire and educate our youth.

In addition to a sanctuary, our facilities include a multi-purpose hall and administration offices. We have recently completed a renovation to our rear courtyard and have plans to upgrade our sanctuary in the near future to enhance its comfort and beauty.

As a community, we have enormous potential for growth, both in size and spiritual connection.

Jewish life in Sydney

Maroubra Synagogue is located in an affordable and safe residential neighbourhood with multiple parks, shopping centres and a beautiful beach. The Synagogue is approximately ten kilometres from Sydney’s Central Business District. 

Supermarkets in Maroubra and surrounding suburbs stock kosher products, including fresh meat, poultry and baked goods. We currently have a small Eruv in the area, encompassing an area approximately 1km radius from our synagogue.

The Sydney Jewish community offers five Jewish day schools that have state-of-the-art campuses, Mikvaot, Kosher Restaurants and supermarket, a Jewish bookstore, Jewish Nursing homes and a Jewish Hospital.

Our ideal candidate

The congregation is looking for a Modern Orthodox Rabbi and Rebbetzin team who will provide spiritual leadership to our community and can connect with members of all backgrounds and at all stages of life and religious observance.

The Rabbi of our shul will have the opportunity to shape every aspect of our congregation’s life and play a role within the larger Jewish community representing Maroubra Synagogue and Mount Sinai College. The Rabbi will officiate on Shabbat, Yom Tov and at all life cycle events and deliver varied educational programs on a range of topics on a regular basis. Delivering dynamic sermons, providing pastoral care, and halachic guidance to our community will be important elements of the Rabbi’s role.

The ideal candidate will ideally have a minimum of three to five years post-ordination experience in a leadership capacity within a synagogue.

To succeed in their role, the Rabbi and Rebbetzin must be willing to become an integral part of the community and dedicate themselves to the challenge of meeting the congregation’s spiritual and intellectual needs. The ideal candidates will have an open and inclusive outlook, the ability to relate to people of all ages and backgrounds, and an engaging manner.

It is expected that the Rabbi’s wife will fully welcome her role as Rebbetzin and, together, provide religious leadership for all members of the community.

The Rabbi will also hold the position of College Rabbi at Mount Sinai College. Mount Sinai is a Jewish day school adjacent to our Synagogue and provides co-curricular education to children ages two to 12.

Fact Sheet

Main duties of our Rabbi

We are seeking an “all-rounder” who can take a hands-on role in all aspects of communal life at Maroubra Synagogue. Our ideal candidate will:
  • Be able to Lein and lead services. 
  • Give inspiring and well-prepared sermons on Shabbat and Yom Tov.
  • Create and contribute to learning program for our synagogue 
  • Prepare boys for Bar Mitzvah by running a Bar Mitzvah program.
  • Be involved with preparing girls for Bat Mitzvah through the synagogue’s Bat Mitzvah program.
  • Prepare couples for marriage by running a pre-marriage program.
  • Contribute to youth programs.
  • Regularly visit and contact members who are unwell.
  • Attend and supervise burials of members. 
  • Attend Shiva gatherings and consecration ceremonies of members.  
  • Attend Brit Milah, baby naming and pideon haben ceremonies of members.
  • Regularly entertain member families for Yom Tov and Shabbat dinner and lunch.
  • Be responsible for all Halachic questions on Din, Kashrut (including the onsite kitchen) and all protocols and services.
  • Be available to members to provide Rabbinic advice. 
  • Provide counselling to members as appropriate.
  • Develop effective working relationships with the Synagogue Administrator and other staff to assist in the planning, organisation and execution of synagogue programs.
  • Represent the Kehillah in a favourable light to the broader Jewish and non-Jewish community.
Anticipated challenges the Rabbi will have in his role:
  • Inspiring greater observance and knowledge of Halacha by members at every level.
  • Increasing the knowledge of religious participation. 
  • Maintaining and enhancing adult education programs.
  • Engaging with youth of all ages, especially post Bar/Bat Mitzvah, to further grow their spiritual connection to Judaism.
  • Increasing regular attendance at services, especially post Covid-19.

Role of Rebbetzin

  • Provide support to the Rabbi in undertaking his duties at the synagogue.
  • Willing to have a warm and open home where community members can be hosted for Shabbat and Yom Tov meals as well as occasional social gatherings.
  • Have a warm and accepting personality.

Our members

  • Approximately 350 member families.
  • Most significant age group of adults between 35 to 60 years.
  • Most significant age group of youth between 10 to 20 years.
  • Varied degree of observance within Kehillah (relatively few Shomrei Shabbat families – about 5% in total).
  • Despite not being fully observant, members consider themselves Orthodox (Traditional).
  • Community established by Holocaust survivors with a deep connection to the State of Israel.
  • Significant proportion of the congregation are ex-South African.
  • Most families are dual income.


  • Single level shule with mechitsah down the centre.
  • Shacharit: Monday, Thursday, Sunday and Rosh Chodesh. 
  • Minchah/Maariv: every evening (noting that we occasionally struggle to get a Minyan).
  • Ashkenaz Nusach. Artscroll siddur and chumash used.
  • Five Kosher Sifre Torah currently owned by the Kehillah.
  • A Chazzan and a Baal Tefillah are employed for High Holiday services.
  • Tradition of members participating in Leining and Davening (not all are Shomrei Shabbat).


Prior to Covid-19 the approximate attendance to services was higher than it is now; however, services are gradually increasing in attendance.
  • Kabbalat Shabbat (no simcha): Pre-Covid 100 / Current 40 – 60.
  • Shabbat morning (no simcha): Pre-Covid 120 / Current 70 – 90.
  • Seuda Shelishit, Minchah/ Maariv: Pre-Covid 25 -35 / Current 10 – 12.
  • Maariv for Chagim (non-High Holidays): Pre-Covid 100+ / Current 70.
  • Chagim morning services (non-High Holidays): Pre-Covid 180 / Current 120.
  • Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur: Pre-Covid 900+.
  • We hold two simultaneous services for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, one in our Sanctuary and a second service in our multi-purpose hall. 
  • Rosh Hashanah Children and Youth Services: 100 –150. 
  • Weekday evening services: 10-15.

Communal Activities

  • Shiurim on a range of topics.
  • Regular communal Shabbat and Yom Tov meals.
  • Youth programs on Shabbat and Yom Tov, including Bnei Akiva on Shabbat afternoons for children and teens.
  • Annual learning Tikkun Lel Shavuot.
  • Annual Simchat Torah BBQ.

Mt Sinai College (MSC)

  • Traditional Modern Orthodox day school across the laneway from the Shule.
  • About 350 students ages from pre-school to 12 years.
  • Strong bond and tradition of co-operation and sharing of facilities.
  • Many Shule members send (or sent) their children to MSC.
  • Rabbi’s duties as the College Rabbi of Mt Sinai College are to maintain the Jewish ethos of the College and preserve the close bond between the Synagogue and the school.
  • Rabbi will be expected to dedicate an average 6 hours a week to his role with MSC.
  • More information can be provided separately.

Maroubra Synagogue Board

  • 10 Board members (currently 7 male and 3 female).
  • Office bearers – President, senior and junior Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and immediate Past President.
  • Meetings are held twice a month. Responsible for all decisions affecting the Kehillah other than Halachah, Kashruth or Din.
  • Rabbi is expected to submit a monthly report and attend one meeting a month to deliver the report, discuss issues and program planning where appropriate.

Office staff

  • 1 full-time administrator.
  • 1 part-time secretary.