8 Cheshvan 5778 – Lech-Lecha

Happy Shabbat Project to you all!! I hope you enjoy this special weekend and take part in the many functions that our Shule has on offer. I am sorry that I will not be joining you over this weekend. This week in Shule we will read about the first command that G-d gave to Abraham to leave his birthplace and travel to the “land that I will show you”. I now find myself embarking towards this special land, a land for all Jews and land blessed by G-d. I am travelling to Israel to take part in the historic centenary commemorations of the battle of Beer Sheba. 

The battle of Beer Sheba was a landmark battle that saw the defeat of the Ottoman Turks in 1917 and helped pave the way for the establishment of the Jewish State. Commencing at dusk on the 31st October 1917, members of the 4th Australian Light Horse brigade stormed through the Turkish defences and seized the strategic town of Beersheba. The capture of Beersheba enabled British Empire forces to break the Ottoman line near Gaza on 7 November and advance forward to take control of the area.

Over 30 Anzacs died during the charge, and 40 others were killed during support operations – all are buried in Beersheva. 

As Chaplain to our ADF, I am especially privileged to be attending these events and I look forward to sharing with you of my experiences upon my return.

Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom!!

Rabbi Yossi and Chana Raizel Friedman

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