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Our Community

Maroubra Synagogue provides the warmth of a small congregation while offering a level of services and activities usually found only in much larger congregations. If you are visiting the Maroubra area or have just moved into our area please let us know and our friendly congregants will make you feel especially welcome.

Shabbat & Services

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Regular Learning

from small intimate classes, to larger lecture series’ and guest speakers, Speak to our Rabbi to find out what classes are currently on offer.


An eruv creates a private domain for halachic purposes. Before further explaining what an eruv is and its function, some background is required

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

We offer regular Bar and Bat Mitzvah programs to prepare fathers and sons, mothers and daughters for their upcoming Simcha.

Wedding Course

We offer an exclusive four week course to prepare engaged couples prior to their wedding. Not only do we take the mystery out of the wedding day and explain the spiritual significances of the many associated customs

Youth Programs

We have a number of youth programs taking place every Shabbat at our Shul, catering for different age groups. Essentially, whatever the age of your child, there will be a program that they can take part in.

What's on

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From the Rabbi

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