Parsha: Tzaria (2024)

“I didn’t mean it…”“I didn’t intend it that way..”These are things we say when we are not careful with our words. The Torah teaches us to be very careful with our speech. It can bring great joy and happiness to people, or can cause great pain and aggravation. In Temple times one would get Tzaraat […]

Parsha: Shmini (2024)

There are times when we face challenges. We can face challenges that are small and sometimes we encounter challenges that are significant. What is one meant to do when they come face to face with a tragedy? What is the correct response? The Parsha this week describes the moment when Aharons two sons died suddenly, […]

Parsha: Tzav (2024)

I recently restarted a learning cycle of studying “Daily Rambam.” Daily Rambam Study is an annual study cycle that includes the daily study of Maimonides’ magnum opus, Mishneh Torah. The completion of each yearly cycle is celebrated with a “Siyum” (Celebratory completion). Such events are held worldwide with the participation of many thousands of people. […]

Parsha: Vayikra Purim (2024)

What an exciting time of year! We will Celebrate Purim at the close of Shabbat and through Sunday. The Festival of Purim is one full of joy. Its story and celebration bring us joy for the whole year.While there are many aspects that bring us joy from the story of Purim I would like to […]

Parsha: Pekudei (2024)

A high-ranking delegation from Israel attended U.S. President Kennedy’s funeral in 1963, led by Israeli President Zalman Shazar.    After the funeral the Israeli contingent met with the new President Lyndon Johnson. He said to them, “You’ve lost a friend, but you’ve gained an even bigger friend.”  And indeed, President Lyndon B. Johnson took U.S./Israel […]

Parsha: Vayakhel (2024)

A visit to the Kotel is an emotional experience. It is the last remaining structure of our Holy temple, lasting more than 2000 years. What is its secret that allowed it, to last and survive so long? The Parsha this week talks about building a home for G-d. Before the actual construction takes place Moshe gathers the Jewish people […]

Parsha: Ki Sisa (2024)

Are we a “stiff necked people?” If you want to excuse someones bad behaviour you would usually say something nice about them. Point out their virtues, demonstrate that they usually are very good. The last thing you want to do is to say something negative about the person you are trying to defend and excuse. […]

Parsha: Tetzaveh (2024)

How can we turn around an Antisemite? Is there a secret to get them to stop hating? Friday marks the day of Purim Katan, (minor Purim). Being that this year is a Jeiwsh leap year, we have two months of Adar. While we Celebrate Purim on the 14th of the second month, we still mark a minor Purim […]

Parsha: Teruma (2024)

How hard is it to make the Menorah? Moshe was ready to make the Menorah out of gold, together with all the decorated pieces that go on its base and branches. He was given all the instructions, to create this beautiful vessel of the Holy Temple. There is one instruction that stands out. “The menorah […]

Parsha: Mishpatim (2024)

This Shabbat we will also celebrate Rosh Chodesh, the beginning of a new month. This new month is the month of Adar, the month of Joy. The Talmud tells us that “when the month of Adar comes, we are to increase in joy.” Simply the reason for this, is due to the joyous holiday of […]